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Lee Energy Turns to KCC Software to Keep Their Birds Warm and Healthy

Posted by Scott Martin (scottm) on Nov 24 2008
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Lee Energy Solutions and D&F Equipment Sales selected KCC Software to develop the control system for their new chicken house furnace.  Instead of heating with propane, natural gas, or heating oil, the LeeEnergy300 delivers more than 300,000 BTUs by burning wood pellets.  You can learn more of the furnace at

Controlling the temperature to a very accurate and steady level is vital to the health and even life of the young chicks.  The chicks must be kept at 94 degrees in a 20,000 square foot house regardless of the ambient temperature.  The controls include a series of fans and auger motors.

KCC Software was selected because they needed an accurate solution, a rapid development effort, and flexibility designed into the control system for product need variations.

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