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Praxair again turns to KCC Software

 Praxair has again turned to KCC Software for the development of two new gas delivery control systems. KCC Software has successfully developed several products for Praxair over the past few years. It is an honor to work with a company as dedicated to excellence and to the client as is Praxair. The quality and flexibility designed into every Praxair product demonstrates their skill in listening to clients using modern technology to effect needed solutions.



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FabVista - the new GMS standard

FabVista by KCC Software has been selected by multiple semiconductor fabs and OEMs as the gas management system of choice.  Semiconductor facilities that have selected FabVista include Sumika Electronic Materials of Phoenix, AZ, Northwestern University, the IBM T. J. Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights, NY, Linear Technology of Camas, WA, and the University of Chicago.

Stainless Design Concepts (SDC) of Saugerties, NY and Praxair Electronics of Tonawanda, NY have selected FabVista as the GMS quoted for new systems and offered to existing clients.

Doing more with the Do-more PLC

KCC Software has been selected as the first Systems Integrator allowed to work with AutomationDirect's newest offering - the Do-more PLC. This is a major accomplishment. KCC Sofwtare was asked to be on the beta team to evaluate the product in its last year of development. Part of the selection process included extensive training and a demonstration of competence with the new product as well as a proven track record of quality PLC programming and professional customer support.

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Lee Energy Turns to KCC Software to Keep Their Birds Warm and Healthy

Lee Energy Solutions and D&F Equipment Sales selected KCC Software to develop the control system for their new chicken house furnace.  Instead of heating with propane, natural gas, or heating oil, the LeeEnergy300 delivers more than 300,000 BTUs by burning wood pellets.

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KCC Software added to SIDirect

KCC Software has been approved to join the list of approved list of system integrators promoted by AutomationDirect.  This list is known as the SIDirect team.  This is a great honor showing years of proven service and skill using products offered by AutomationDirect.

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Chase Environmental Group and KCC Software Team Together with MillAlert

www.millalert.comChase Enviornmental Group  and KCC Software have created a joint development agreement to supply recycled steel mills with MillAlert - their new radiation detection management system.  The agreement allows Chase to offer additional services to this industry and their clients while utilizing KCC Software's strength of design and integration.  KCC Software is soley responsible for the system design and engineering while Chase will provide industry expertise, field service, and marketing.

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