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Keeping Big Blue's Research Safe and Productive

Silane Gas, although very dangerous, is an essential compound to the semiconductor industry.  Having a responsive, intuitive, and safe control system for the storage and delivery of this gas throughout their research facility was keeping IBM's team up at night.  Scott Martin of KCC Software had an idea.  Read how KCC Software designed and developed a highly interactive multi-PLC network of control systems to assist IBM's research facility. 


“KCC Software was given the task of developing software & hardware to adapt to our needs in a very tight time schedule. This was done while allowing us to continue to operate the older delivery system in tandem until time of change over. Scott worked hand and hand with us to fully understand our current system and to implement improvements on the new system along the way. KCC Software’s commitment to detail is unparalleled and was one of the main reasons for a completely successful trouble free and on-time project.” 

- Ray Sicina, Equipment Engineer, IBM, T. J. Watson Research Center


Keeping Our World Cleaner and Safer

The world’s largest recyclers are recycled steel manufacturers.  These companies reuse much of the aging steel that would otherwise be nothing more than eye sores.  One of the great challenges to recycled steel manufacturers, however, is the proper detection and removal of radioactive sources that can be present in the recycled steel.  Read how KCC Software is helping steel manufacturers integrate different types of detection systems, provide plant-wide oversight, and enforce operational testing protocols. 

(Learn more about MillAlert here.)


First to 1 GHz

In early 2000, Intel and AMD were locked into a battle to see who would first mass-produce a 1 GHz processor.  Intel was building their Pentium II while AMD was developing their Athlon K7 processor.  Read how AMD beat Intel to deliver the first mass-producsed 1 GHz processor by depending on KCC Software for a rapid and thorough production system design.


Splashing Dye to Beat the Band

When Maples Industries realized new trends in the textile industry would require faster and more flexible capabilities then they currently had, they turned to KCC Software to custom develop a pattern design and production system.  The new system had to allow them to design new patterns down to 1/4 inch detail and apply the dye while running at greater than 1000 feet per minute.  Read how KCC Software came through for Maples Industries. 


Boosting the Robots to Higher Production Rates

In the semiconductor industry, automated production by robots is common due to cleanliness requirements and the harsh nature of many of the chemicals used.  When a robot is asked to perform a specific, repetitive task (i.e. assembly), the robot programming is rather straight forward.  When the robot must make decisions and provide a variety of tasks in a priority order, then the programming gets a bit more complicated.  See how a recursive algorithm protected critcal process requirements while maximizing production rates.


Happy Family

Process gases are some of the deadliest, most dangerous materials used in today's manufacturing processes.  Add to this the purity requirements of some industries such as semiconductors and solar panels to get critical control requirements.  Read how KCC Software developed a family of gas control systems for BOC.


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