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The descriptions below are only a sampling of our many projects delivered in the past few years.  Please contact us if you have questions about our capabilities or want to discuss your requirements to see if we are a good fit.

For IBM, we created a complete chemical distribution system where each chemical cabinet was controlled by an AutomationDirect DL05 or DL06 PLC and used a 6" C-More touch panel.  A PC-based management system (VB) was also delivered allowing central management and monitoring.

For Advanced Integration Technologies, we developed a unique solution for their valve manifold box (VMB) product line.  An AutomationDirect DL06 PLC was the desired controller.  However, it did not have enough room for all of the I/O points.  KCC Software created a Modbus driver in the DL06 that used an OptiLogic base as the remote I/O rack.  According to both AutomationDirect and Optimation, this is the first time this had been done.

For Bosch, we developed many Steeplechase VLC systems that comprised several cells in the production of automotive brake assemblies.  These included intricate calibration and testing stations as well as more general robotic, assembly and packaging operations.  The controls were developed in VLC while the user interfaces were developed in VB.

For Gulf Shore Assemblies and Bridgewater Interiors, both suppliers to Honda Manufacturing, we integrated HMAs RFID standards on tractor trailer deliveries.  These systems required the application (VB) access data from multiple sources including Allen-Bradley PLCs, databases, and Ethernet port access to compile the information needed.  When the shipments were ready, the data was written to and verified from the RFID tags on the trailers before the trailers were allowed to leave the dock.

For Mid-South Industries, we developed a number of automated ice-maker electronic test stations.  These systems were WinPLC-based (Think & Do) using EZTouch HMIs.  The stations conducted several tests including mechanical operations, hi-pot testing, and ground-loop testing.  The test stations were deployed in US and Chinese manufacturing lines.

More than twelve automated chemical process stations were developed for Atmel.  These stations were microprocessor controlled (C Programming) with a touch-screen user interface.  The stations included very tight pH and temperature controls and single and dual-axis robotics with process timing accuracy of less than 1 second.

New Airbag testers were developed for Johnson Controls and Bridgewater Interiors.  These integrated Keithley meters for a variety of test capabilities and parameters.  The stations also included an interface to Allen-Bradley PLCs, an FTP test file upload interface, an OptiLogic I/O subsystem, barcode scanners, touch-screen user interface, etc.  The applications were developing using VB on a small industrial PC for a very sharp test cell.

For HON Furniture, we created a production cell with several automated conveyor systems.  The controls were PC-based ( with OptiLogic Ethernet I/O, a camera for snap shots of finished goods, barcode scanners, database tables, on-screen power-point production instructions with pictures, tact time timing and display, and a large touch-screen interface.

For Giles and Kendall (Cedar Safe) and Mike Will Automation, KCC Software developed a maintenance management system (  This system allowed the client to layout their entire multi-facility operations designating the machines, subsystems, and parts used throughout.  The system then created and tracked work orders as well as the operational PM schedules.  Each machine, subsystem, and part can have multiple files associated (pictures, written instructions, spreadsheets, web pages, etc.).  This is a very extensive database-driven application allowing viewing and multi-level interaction from multiple PCs.  The system also incorporated automated emailing and TXT messaging of critical alerts and vital information.


For a more detailed look at some of our projects, read our application stories.


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