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Chase Environmental Group and KCC Software Team Together with MillAlert

Posted by Scott Martin (scottm) on Jun 14 2008
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Chase Enviornmental Group  and KCC Software have created a joint development agreement to supply recycled steel mills with MillAlert - their new radiation detection management system.  The agreement allows Chase to offer additional services to this industry and their clients while utilizing KCC Software's strength of design and integration.  KCC Software is soley responsible for the system design and engineering while Chase will provide industry expertise, field service, and marketing.

Radiation detection is a critical issue within the recycled steel industry.  Most mills host a variety of radiation detection equipiment from multiple vendors.  Until MillAlert, these systems were stand alone and poorly monitored.  MillAlert allows key personnel to know immediately if a radiation alarm happens, it there is an error or potential problem with a detection system, and if the detection systems are deviating out of spec.  Many more capabilites exist within MillAlert allowing mill-wide management of all detection systems regardless of manufacturer or age.

This agreement is not a legal partnership.  Chase will continue to provide remediation and consulting services to their clients while KCC Software will continue to provide software systems integration services to its clients.  This is a combining of the two companies' strengths in order to supply a needed solution in the recycled steel industry.  Variations of MillAlert are being considered for other industries so stay tuned for more good news.

To inquire about MillAlert for your steel mill, follow the contact information posted at


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